All About Of IAS Interview

Where one sentence changes the fortunes, where every word, the meaning of these words, the context and their arrangement, every sentence, perfectness in every expression matters, it is the Personality Test, the Interview.

Where the entire learning of life, all educational degrees, and all coaching expertise are put to test in just 30 minutes of Interview. Where 30 minutes determines your entire career of 35 years, it is the Personality Test, the Interview. There is no examination, no test in the world where just 30 minutes determine so much of the candidate, as Civil service Interview in India, and where the candidates are most casual in preparation!

The book “All About IAS Interview, For Beginners from Beginning” is one complete attempt for all the aspirants to use these 30 minutes to their best advantage, with the minimum of effort, effortlessly. The book has been designed keeping in view the gap between perception and reality that the student develops with respect to civil services interview preparation.

It is an effort to make them realize that Interview preparation in not a onetime coaching affair, but rather, a continuous process.

The book is rich and diverse in contents which includes:

  • Meaning, importance and rationale for interview
  • Preparation approach
  • Resource identification and its utility
  • Interview Question Bank
  • Interview transcript and Analysis

Features of the book

  • Lucid language
  • Pattern of question as is asked by UPSC Board member
  • Complete, short and Precise



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