Nation, State, Territory and Geopolitics

Nation, State, Territory and Geopolitics

Author K. Siddhartha

Theme of the Book

With political economy replacing the geostrategy in many ways, the focus of World Geopoliticsand Strategic Thinking has also shifted to a considerable extent. Contemporary Political Geography needs to include themes like geopolitics of peace, post-cold war geopolitics, future geopolitics of multipolarity and polycentrism and international environmental security. Political Ecology, now being at the centre-stage of global thinking is being incorporated in the subject matter of Geopolitics in a big way. Similarly, global governance or global partnership and regional politico-economic security are issues, which need to be addressed by political geographers in a more rational way. This, in no way, means that the traditional subject areas like state, nation and nation-state, federalism, frontiers and boundaries, buffer zones, border problems and conflicts, geostrategy and regionalism have lost their importance or relevance, and this is what Nations, State, Territory and Geopolitics deals with a modern 21st century perspective.

The chapters have been designed in a way so that the readers could develop a clear and better understanding of basic issues that affect Nations, State, Territory and Geopolitics. This would help conceptualize the advanced concepts at research level, thus, developing a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

The book will be an indispensable tool and source for students preparing for the 2nd paper of GS Mains particularly, Indian Polity, India and the World and International Relations, particularly Geopolitics.

Contents of the Book

Nation, state and nation-state

  1. Nation State & Nation-State
  2. India’s as a Nation, or State
  3. State Reorganisation
  4. Geographical Basis of Indian Federalism
  5. Regional Consciousness and Regionalism in India
  6. Internal and External Security in India: Cross border Terrorism
  7. Inter-State Issues
Part – II: Territory

  1. Frontiers and Boundaries
  2. Buffer Zones
  3. India’s Border Problems
  4. India and the World
Part – III: Geopolitics

12. Geopolitics – I
13. Geopolitics – II, Global Strategic Views
14. Geopolitics – III, Contemporary Geopolitics
15. Geopolitics – III Ecopolitics
16. Geopolitics – V Soft Power Politics
17.Geopolitics – VI Identity Geopolitics
Geopolitics – III Climatic Geopolitics
Geopolitics – IV, Resource Geopolitics-REE
Geopolitics – V Energy Politics
Geopolitics – VI Arctic Geopolitics
Geopolitics – VII Maritime (Indian Ocean) Geopolitics
Geopolitics – VIII Choke Point Geopolitics
Geopolitics – IX Soft Power Politics
Geopolitics – X Identity Geopolitics.






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