Disaster Management

‘DISASTER MANAGEMENT’ covers the essentials of the newly emerging topic taking into consideration the requirement and background of the administrators, policy makers, academicians and students. It has been designed keeping in view the difficulties an administrator may face having little or no knowledge of disasters and their mitigation strategies. Moreover, keeping in view the constraints a Civil Servicant encounters, the book has been rendered a synoptic structure to facilitate easy access and relevant importation. The book serves as an encyclopaedia of all disasters which someone must have on the table to know about it.

Theme of the proposed book-


Focus audience-

Administrators, Policy makers, Academicians and Students


Create, generate and play on the new founded interest of the masses

USP-A complete desk top reference for everyone willing to get a peep into disasters their economic, ethical and management perspective. A QR code directed video discussion on all disasters and their mitigation in the form of a series of discussions,, debate and speeches.

Salient Features of ‘DISASTER MANAGEMENT’

  • Exhaustive coverage of the disasters and their concept from an Indian as well as western perspective.
  • Basic concept at the beginning of each chapter
  • Coverage of recent disasters and lessons learnt from them
  • Coverage of administrative and community perspectives of disaster management
  • Illustration in the form of diagrams and tables
  • Interrelation of topics in a multidisciplinary manner
  • Insightful case studies and importations in the form of boxes in each chapter
  • Completely updated and appliedThe books is complete in every respect and serves as a field guide for every administrator, academician, policy maker in as it covers exhaustively the entire of Disaster Management which include:
    • Disaster Management in India
    • Geological Hazards: Earthquakes
    • Geological Hazards: Volcanism
    • Geological Hazards: Tsunami
    • Geological Hazards: Landslide
    • Avalanche
    • Glacier Hazard
    • Coastal or Sea Erosion
    • Atmospheric Hazards: Cyclones
    • Atmospheric Hazards: Tornado
    • Atmospheric Hazards: Hailstorm
    • Atmospheric Hazards: Cloud Burst
    • Atmospheric Hazards: Thunderstorm & Lightning
    • Atmospheric Hazards: Blizzards
    • Atmospheric Hazards: Heat Wave
    • Atmospheric Hazards: Cold Wave
    • Environmental Disasters: Flood
    • Environmental Disasters: Drought
    • Environmental Disasters: Desertification
    • Biological Disasters
    • Biological Disasters- Pandemic
    • Livestock Related Disasters
    • Agroterrorism & Bio terrorism
    • Nuclear and Radiological Disasters
    • Industrial Disasters
    • Miscellaneous Industrial Mishaps
    • Accident Related Disasters: Urban Fires
    • Accident Related Disasters: Forest And Range Fires
    • Road Accidents
    • Pandemic as a Disaster
    • Disaster Management in India


Recent legislations and bodies at centre and state levels for effective disaster mitigation

Do’s and Don’ts during various hazards in the form of boxes


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