Bhartian Culture Book

Bhartian Heritage Culture

A complete book, and a complete solution for GS PT examination. UNIQUE, EXCEPTIONAL EXTRORDINARY The first and the only thematic atlas of India with a unique blend of super short writing supplemented by numerous diagrams and pictures. K. Siddhartha

Bharat: Heritage & Culture is the first comprehensive attempt to compile everything that is related to Culture Art and Heritage of India, Its issues and current status. Although many books have been written on culture, despite that there has been an urgent need for a book that is not completely factual, that is not insipid to read, that does not lack homogeneity and have a breakage in the flow of language. The book “Heritage & Culture” is a departure from any such book.

The book “Heritage & Culture” has been designed keeping in view the recent changes in the syllabus and the changing trends of UPSC Main examination. The weightage of Heritage and Culture in the new syllabus is substantial and requires in depth understanding. This book is an effort to solve the problems faced by students in dealing with the syllabus keeping in view the vastness and complexity of the subject. Every effort has been made to make the book exhaustive, updated, and informative useful and yet interesting to the aspirants.

Salient features of the book:

  • Exhaustive and in-depth coverage of all topics that can be incorporated as part of Heritage & Culture,
  • Conceptual clarity on heritage, culture, civilization, society and diversity,
  • Increasing understanding of contemporary issues affecting Heritage & Culture,
  • Pictorial representation for better understanding,
  • Use of rare information in the form of snippets included in all the chapters for interesting reading,
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