Bhartian Industry

Bhartian Industry is a novel attempt to look at the Bhartian Industries not only from the stages of its evolution and development but also incorporating the current dynamic change brought about as a result of New Government Policy. The book looks at the Bhartian industries with the main emphasis being on spatial rather than sectoral aspects. It is oriented towards study and analysis of the locations and the various aspects associated with it.

The spatial aspects are explained with the help of maps. The texts have incorporated many additional useful information in boxes. The book contains latest data.

The book is useful for Graduation and Post-graduation level of Geography Subject for all Bhartian Universities. The book is also useful for UPSC and State PCS for General Studies, Bhartian Economy and Geography Optional Paper.

Contents of the Book

  1. Evolution of Industrialisation
  2. Industrial Development Under Plans
  3. Industrial Policy
  4. Liberalisation & New Economic Policy
  5. Multinationals Corporations
  6. Iron and Steel Industry
  7. Aluminium Industry
  8. Cement Industry
  9. Automobile Industry
  10. Cotton Textile Industry

11. Jute Industry
12. Woollen Textile
Silk Textile
Paper Industry
Basic Chemical Industry
Petro Chemical Industry
Fertiliser Industry
Small Scale Industry
Industrial Regions & Complex
Industrial Decentralisation





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