Cities, Urbanization & Urban Systems

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‘Cities, Urbanisation and Urban Systems’ is the first and the only book on Settlement Geography and the first text book on Urban Geography by any Indian author. It is an effort to bring out a complete, concrete text book on the aspects of Urban Geography with latest data and analyses..

Cities, Urbanization and Urban Systems is prepared in such a manner that it offers a one stop solution to all the problems any student is likely to encounter while studying Settlement geography in graduation and past graduation..

The Organisation of the Book

The Book is organised into three sections—Cities, the Urban System in which the cities form and Urbanisation.

  1. The Section on cities deals with—
  • the origin of cities,
  • the factors behind their origin,
  • the factors behind the localisation and growth of cities;
  • the type of cities and their classification,
  • the modern names of the cities are assuming;
  • the differences in the city in their internal structure,
  • the theories that explain the differences and the comparison;
  • the nature of the Central Business District, its delimitation and changing importance, the recent decline of the Central Business District, the study of the periphery, the rural urban fringe, its nature and characteristics and the limits of the city influence.

II. The Section on Urban Systems deals with the interrelationship between different urban places both

horizontally and vertically:

III. The—last section deals with—the various aspects of Urbanisation—the numerical aspect, the demographic aspect and the behavioural aspect. The book ends with a short but recent introduction on problems of Urbanisation. The book is organised in such a manner that it moves smoothly from one section to another, one chapter to another.

The book also contains a comprehensive glossary and a good reference section.

Contents of the Book 

Section A: Cities

  1. Origin and Spread of Cities
  2. Urban Development in India
  3. Location and Growth of Cities
  4. City Classification
  5. Internal Structure of Cities
  6. The CBD
  7. Morphology of Indian Cities
  8. Spheres of Urban Influence
  9. Rural-Urban Fringe
  10. Urban Sprawl
  11. Satellite Towns

Section B: Urban System

  1. Central Place Theory
  2. Primate City Concept
  3. Rank Size Rule
  4. Hierarchy of Urban Settlements

Section C: Urbanisation

  1. Urbanisation Trends and Patterns
  2. Urbanisation Process in India
  3. Problems of Urbanisation
  4. Indian Urban Problems and Policies
  5. Urban Planning
  6. Sustainable Urban Development
  7. Urban Planning: NCR
  8. Urban Planning: Future of Cities



The book has been reviewed, approved and recommended by the NATIONAL BOOK TRUST, Government of India.

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