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By K. Siddhartha

S. Mukherjee

ECOLOGY, BIOENVIRONMENTAL GEOGRAPHY & AGRICULTURE ” is short, concise, pictorial, and authentic book meant for Civil Services preliminary Examination that covers latest global and national events, treaties  policies events till 2021.

ECOLOGY, BIOENVIRONMENTAL GEOGRAPHY & CLIMATE CHANGE serves the purpose of PT examination for Environment Section of the syllabus of the UPSC (Main and Prelims) as well as State PCS and Preparation for Geography optional.

ECOLOGY, BIOENVIRONMENTAL GEOGRAPHY & CLIMATE CHANGE is profusely illustrated and is the most colorful book ever published in India till date.

It is Internationally recognized and and there is no match for the book either contentwise, concept wise illustration wise or design wise.

It comprises of all the latest development related to environment. The coloured plates (24) incorporated in this book is to serve the purpose of better understanding and along with this exhaustive appendix has been given to facilitate the reader have afactual hold.



Natural Environment

The Biosphere

Ecosystem Concept, Types of Ecosystems

Soil Genesis

Soil Profile

Soil Classification

Soil Degradation and Conservation

Distribution of Fauna and Flora


Gene Pool Centres

Laws of Ecology

Human ecological adaptations

Global Ecological Imbalances

Mans Impact on Ecosystem,

Environmental Degradation, Ecological Superiority of Humans

Human Impact on Climate-Global Warming, Global cooling,

Ozone Hole, Climatic modification by human Activities.

Human Impact on Atmosphere- Aerosols, Acid rain, Urban Heat Island

Human Impact on Land-Land degradation, Soil Degradation) Erosion, Salinization, Laterisation) Derelict Land Formation,

Human Impact on Water- Marine Pollution (Oil Pollution, Algal Bloom) Marine Waste Disposal, Eutrophication, Biomanipulation,

Thermal Pollution,

Human Impact on Ecosystem- Biomagnification, Mass extinction, Holocene extinction

Pollution- Air Pollution, Stubble burning, Water pollution, Oil Pollution,


Forest Conservation, Forest Fires

Wildlife Conservation

Conservation & Response

Sustainable development

Animals of the World

International Conventions and Treaties

Government Schemes and Programmes

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