Geography Through Maps

The book is a compilation of all relevant information at one place and is especially useful for General Studies and Geography optional in the UPSC examination and various State PCs examinations. Highlights of the book are – world map, Australia and Oceania, North America, polar areas, middle America, Asia, South America, world thematic maps, Africa, India political, Europe, glossary India and Glossary world. About the author – K. Siddhartha is a strategic thinker, educationist, Earth scientist, author, mentor, visionary and an academician of world repute. He has over 20 years experience in teaching Earth sciences, life Sciences and behavioural traits. As an author, he has authored 42 books on Geology, meteorology, Oceanography, environmental sciences, human Geography, international relations, history and Culture.

Mapping is essential for both UPSC Prelims and Mains exam. In prelims, 2-5 questions can be expected based on Mapping. This makes Mapping very important, as it is the scoring part if the aspirants cover it thoroughly.

Geography through Maps Book by K Siddhartha is a compilation of all relevant information at one place, especially useful for:

  • General Studies
  • Geography Optional in the UPSC Examination
  • Varied State PCS Examinations

Why Should You Look for Geography through Maps Book by K Siddhartha?

For UPSC aspirants, the cut-off marks have been decreasing, and there is a cut-throat competition for every mark, and mapping provides an opportunity to take the lead in this direction.

K Siddhartha’s Geography books are readily available, methodological and effective for learning. They are written in a lucid language with many diagrams and figures, making learning enjoyable and helping in preparing Geography in a planned way. Geography through Maps by K. Siddhartha’s Latest Edition will provide you with some of the best information about the:

  • World Map
  • Australia and Oceania, North America, Polar Areas, Middle America, Asia, South American, Africa,
  • World Thematic Maps
  • India Political, Glossary India and Glossary World
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