Human Geography

Author: K. Siddhartha & S. Mukherjee

A complete book, and a complete solution for Geography optional.

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The book discusses the present world and how it is changing, what are the dimensions of change, and how is that this change can be analysed. The book presents the most contemporary and modern view of the present geography of the world.

This is the only book on UPSC Mains syllabus in India on Human geography and it consists of all the newly added sections of UPSC examination. This is also the most updated book that has been published keeping in mind the new changes in UPSC the way the questions are asked and how can they be answered, and is immensely useful for preparation of Civil services examination.

Contents of the Book

  1. Population Geography
  2. Economic Geography
  3. Settlement Geography
  4. Models and theories
  5. Regional Planning.


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