Bharat: Environment, Resources, Development & Planning .  K. Siddhartha       Dr. S. Mukherjee

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Theme of the Book

Though many books have been written on Indian Geography, only few of them have actually touched the contemporary chord that geography, the interdisciplinary science, is made of today. Most of the so called texts that are available in the market look more of a glorified guide with lots of conventional redundant facts and government and/or non government data with hardly any recent analysis on the changes taking place in India.

” Bharat: Environment, Resources, Development & Planning“, breaks this conventional geography.

With its content it is going to be “The Book” capable of giving orientation to the candidates to answer any question that can possibly be asked on Indian Geography.

Every book comes with a QR code that links all the chapters to video lessons, which are already made.

The book picks up a variety of topics, which form the basic foundation of Indian Geography and some which are always changeable. The treatment of the topics is very contemporary, explained in a flowing lucid language. Not only the book incorporates latest information, but more so it incorporates the analysis of these information. Essential changes taking place in the landscape have been explained in boxes and special attention has been paid to the coverage of the topics, which are likely to be asked in any examination at the highest level

The book incorporates all the corrections necessitated by our improved awareness of deprivation of knowledge in last 75 years due to an agenda based orientation of Indian knowledge, its history interpretation of economy and all futuristic developments and therefore a MUST for everyone attempting to understand Indian geography in complete totality.

Contents of the Book

Section-I: Natural landscape, The Geographical Base
Section-II:   Phenomena and Disasters
Section-III: Environment and Resources, Conservation, Management and EIA
Section-IV: Agriculture, Irrigation, Crops, Land Reforms
Section-V: Infrastructure Roads, Railways, Airports.
Section-VI: Indian Society & Diversity
Section-VII: Urban Issues

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