Models and Theories in Geography

The subject of Geography developed long ago and many Geographers propounded various ideas and concepts to prove their point of view. This Book “Models in Geography” assembled all the Theories and Models propounded by different geographers at different time and different countries.

The analysis of the theoretical aspects, their present day validity, as well as their applicability forms the basis of this book which is not only essential for all the students studying Geography at Graduation and Post graduation level in Indian Universities but the Book is the book for the syllabus of the Union Civil Services and State PCS for Preparation for Geography optional.

The book is very different from other books in three ways

  1. It is more contemporary than any other book,
  2. more applied than any other book
  3. and very structured and focused on the topic unlike other books.

Consequently, for for Preparation for Geography optional for Union Civil Services and State PCS examination, there is no better alternative.

Contents of the Book

  1. Systems Analysis in Human Geography
  2. Development Theories.
  3. Rostov’s Model of Stages of Growth
  4. Limits to Growth.
  5. Difusion of Innovations.
  6. Agricultural Location Theories —By Von Thunen
  7. Industrial location Theories—Weber
  8. Industrial location Theories—Others

9. Trade Theories.
10. Growth Centre Model.
11. Central place Theory- Walter Christaller and Losch
Malthus and Marxian Theory.
Demographic Transition.
Perroux and Boudeville
Heartland and Rimland Theory.
Laws of International Boundaries and Frontiers



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