Basic Physical Geography

About the Book – The book explains the concept of Basic Geography in the most simplified manner. It covers possibly all the topics that Physical Geography, Settlement Geography and Human Geography. The coverage of the topic is wide, comprehensive, and multidimensional presented in a simplified manner. The book uses a lot of tables and has numerous illustrations. The book is intended to be an authentic source for students preparing for Civil Services Examination form where they can answer almost all the questions are asked in GS Preliminary Exam. The book is designed taking into account all the contents of Delhi University’s newly revised curriculum of 4-year semester. To all those students who are in the 1st year of Graduation semester, the book will be the only source. The book is also an important and useful source for State PCS aspirants for preparing General Studies. About the Author – K. Siddhartha is a Strategic Thinker, Educationist, Earth Scientist, Author, Mentor, Visionary and an Academician of World Repute. He has over 20 years experience in teaching Earth Sciences, Life Sciences and Behavioural traits. As an author, he has authored 42 books on Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Environmental Sciences, Human Geography, International Relations, History and Culture

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