Plan with Nature Design with Technology

Nature Centric development Approach to-A Minimalistic futuristic lifestyle & economy

  1. Siddhartha
  2. Mukherjee
  3. Kanu Megha


Seed the understanding to the reader as to how a nature centric approach works best and works in perfect sync with economy and ecology


Create, generate and play on the new founded interest of the masses on the known and unknown aspects of nature centric growth. Let the students know about it in advance before it is inducted into their syllabus.


All people with new founded interest in environment & climatic change, policy makers, administrators and students

First ever book on nature centric growth, a paradigm being designed by planning commission. Comes with a qr code with every chapter which takes you to its video discussion, speeches and debates.


  • Why India is a better place to give the world a better model
  • Role of Culture, History, Values and local wisdom infusing technology
  • Human adaptation and adaptation of Indians in their land.
  • Ecocentric Approach in Resource Management-Land, Water, Biotic etc.
  • Ecocentric Approach in Urban management
  • Ecocentric Approach in Transportation
  • Ecocentric Approach in Building Design and Town Planning
  • Ecocentric Approach in Lifestyle and Living.
  • Ecocentric Approach in Disaster Management
  • Ecocentric Approach in Rural and Agricultural development
  • Ecocentric Approach in Lifestyle and Health management

Every chapter

  1. Has an issue Identified
  2. Begins with a small STORY, analogy

3 Structure of the chapter

  • Our needs
  • How we used to manage/
  • Present Issue
  • Description
  • Reasons, what did it happen?Why?
  • Way out
  • Non Nature centrism/vs Nature centricsm
  • Had it happened
  • Conclusion


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