Science Technology & Society

‘Science Technology and Society’ covers the essentials of whatever Science and Technology comprises today in India. It has been designed keeping in view the difficulties faced by the students having little or no in hand knowledge of science, technology the new technologies and its application in India.

Salient Features of ‘Science Technology and Society’:

  1. Basic concepts at the beginning of each chapter
  2. Coverage of recent developments in the field of Science and Technology
  3. Illustrations in the form of diagrams and colour plates
  4. Review questions and model answers at the end of chapters for a better understanding of topics.
  5. Insightful case studies and informations in the form of boxes in each chapter
  6. A separate question bank at the end of the book dealing with Preliminary tests.
  7. Interrelation of topics with day to day phenomena
  8. Completely updated and applied

The book is very useful for students appearing in various Public Service Commission Examinations as it covers all the relevant aspects of Science and Technology which include:

  1. Indigenization of technology
  2. IPR issues related to health, agriculture and biotechnology
  3. E-technology in the aid of farmers
  4. E-governance
  5. Basics of Cyber Security
  6. Government’s policies and programmes
  7. Recent developments in the fields of Robotics, IT, Computers, Electronics, Biotechnology, Health, Agriculture, Defense, Energy, Bio terrorism, Pandemic management etc.

Taking into account the contemporary theme, which requires the students to be analytical, correlative, and forward looking the book covers.

  1. The technology its form and function, i.e. what the technology is all about.
  2. The developments in the technology
  3. The impact of technology on the people
  4. The impact of technology on society and economy.


  1. S & T in India
  2. Space research
  3. Energy
  4. Electronics and computers
  5. Information technology
  6. Nuclear science

7. Defence
8. Biotechnology
Ocean development
Recent Terminologies


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