To help students comprehend the theme, philosophy and essence of the essay, structure and organize their information, process and present it as per expectation of the UPSC in a manner that it reveals the candidates’ attitude and administrative acumen.



Program Duration

4 Months

Program Fee


Marks Covered





This course in the form of an Essay Bank aims to improve the attitude behind the comprehension of the topic of the essay and help the candidates to understand themselves and their flaws in expression, language, and presentation and then to transform them so that they develop smooth writing skill as per UPSC requirements. An essay hasn’t got any syllabus and a meticulous preparation requires knowing a lot of things unknown as well as to understand oneself.
The aim of the Essay programme is to help candidates
  1. To know and follow the expectation of the UPSC and or state PCS.
  2. How to develop comprehension over the topic of the essay or developing a proper understanding of the topic.
  3. Writing and expression improvement and identification of glitches in that.
  4. How to follow Intra and Interdisciplinary approach and make it perspective based rather than problem solution-based.
  5. Mastery over handling various types of essays like abstract essays, philosophy based essays, knowledge-based essays and Contemporary issue-based.

Compare their essays with the essays of the qualified candidates.


Students who have either done their coaching classes or are in need of that, and are in urgent need to undergo transformation and mentoring. This course is for such students who are Civil Services aspirants.