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Tapi river It is one of the major rivers of peninsular India with the length of around 724 km; it runs from east to west. Tapi river rises near Multai in the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh at an elevation of about 752 m and flows for about 724 km before out falling into the Arabian Sea through the Gulf of Khambhat.

Tapi rises in the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh and flows westwards more or less parallel to the Narmada.  It is however much smaller than the Narmada.


The north-western part of the Peninsular Plateau is drained by the Sabarmati and the Mahi.  The Sabarmaati rises in the Aravali hills and flows south and southwestwards to join the Gulf of Khambhat in the Arabian Sea.  The Mahi rises in the last of Udaipur and drains Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat before falling into the Gulf of Khambhat.


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Tapi River System

The Tapi is a river of central India. It is one of the major rivers of peninsular India with the length of around 724 km, and only the Tapi River along with the Narmada river, and the Mahi River run from east to west.


It rises in the eastern Satpura Range of southern Madhya Pradesh state, and flows westward, draining Madhya Pradesh’s historic Nimar region, Maharashtra’s historic Khandesh and east Vidarbha regions in the northwest corner of the Deccan Plateau and South Gujarat before emptying into the Gulf of Cambay of the Arabian Sea, in the State of Gujarat. The Western Ghats or Sahyadri range starts south of the Tapti River near the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra.


The Tapi River Basin lies mostly in northern and eastern districts Maharashtra state viz, Amravati, Akola, Buldhana, Washim, Jalgaon, Dhule, Nandurbar, Malegaon, Nashik districts but also covers Betul, Burhanpur districts of Madhya Pradesh and Surat district in Gujarat as well.


The principal tributaries of Tapi River are Purna River, Girna River, Panzara River, Waghur River, Bori River and Aner River.

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