Blow Away Galaxies

Blow Away Galaxies

Why in news?

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  • Astrophysicists using the Gemini telescope have spotted the first ‘blow-away’ galaxy, in which the hydrogen-clouds exposing high­ energy light.
  • This finding could give a clue to solving the puzzle of the reionisation of the universe.
  • The research was published in have been stripped off Slide 47 of 95Astrophysical Journal)


About Blow Away Galaxies


  • After the Big Bang, when the Universe was formed billions of years ago, it was in an ionized state.
  • This means that the electrons and protons floated freely throughout space.
  • As the Universe expanded and started cooling down, it changed to a neutral state when the protons and electrons combined into atoms, akin to water vapor condensing into a cloud
  • Now however, scientists have observed that the Universe is back in an ionized state.
  • A major endeavor in astronomy is figuring out how this happened. Astronomers have theorized that the energy for reionization must have come from galaxies themselves.
  • But, it’s incredibly hard for enough high energy light to escape a galaxy due to hydrogen clouds within it that absorb the light, much like clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere absorb sunlight on an overcast day.

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