The National Doctor’s Day 2021

The National Doctor’s Day 2021

“To be a Doctor is not that easy as you need to think of your patients before yourself”.

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The Doctors from every corner of the world has made us to learn the value of contributions and sacrifices like they have been making to serve the nation by helping the patients to get cured. This is only reason that has been meant for in honor of these noble professionals, across the world named as National Doctor’s day. In India, this precious moment is celebrated on 1st July and this complete event is organized by IMA (The Indian Medical Association) every year. So the National Doctor’s day has hit the Indian calendar once again, the day which is dedicated to all those doctors and healthcare professionals who are continuously working for saving the Indians and even to those who have been serving the other nations too, by risking their lives even during the pandemic of Corona. The objective of this Doctor’s day is to recognize the contribution of Doctors’ in serving the mankind.


India observes this Day dedicating the iconic and internationally renowned medical practitioner (Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy) who himself was a one man army who has led his life for the nation and has served as a physician, an educator, a politician, and a Freedom fighter too. We remember this legendary person for his contributions to the health and hygiene sector in the country.

Objective to Celebrate National Doctor’s Day

From a powerful to a house maid or from Ambani to roadside vendors, a doctor plays an important role in everyone’s life. Thus, the doctors play a vital role in making the people suffering from any disease to get cured with complete support and motivation, and thus, these professionals fulfill their each responsibility towards their patients.

In such a situation, their honor should be a matter of pride for us. For this purpose, the Government of India has started this as an awareness campaign, which is an annual festival and it helps the common people to become aware of the role, importance, and priceless care of doctors. This National celebration for the doctors is a day of encouragement for all doctors. This day is the day to open the eyes of those doctors who are not serving the people for mankind but for fulfilling their luxurious desires through their profession. Celebrating this day awakens them to rise from their unsuccessful career due to lack of commitment towards their profession.


Many programs are organized in various medical centers, schools, and colleges on the day of Doctor’s Day.  In the year 2019 also, many programs will be organized, the information of which we will convey to you soon. In this way, the National Doctor’s day is the day of those doctors who play an important role in saving human life.  It should be the duty of everyone whether they have ever been to a doctor or not, to respect doctors or medical professionals.

The Doctor is the door of public’s trust:

Today the scenario is not like the past but, at present, every person residing to any corner of the world are simply having a trust on the Doctor’s medicine for letting their disease to get cured completely and even the doctors have been maintaining their trust. The National Doctors’ Day is an important day for doctors themselves, as it allows them to revive their medical practice and oath they have taken when they first touched their medical equipments.

Whenever a doctor starts his/ her medical careers, he/ she have the morality and the passion to help the needy, to which they also swear by. After this, some people get misguided by this idea and go on the path of immorality. On the day of Doctor’s Day, doctors get an opportunity to look into their inner self, understand their social responsibilities, and make medicine a profession of human service instead of earning money, only then it will prove right to celebrate this Doctor’s Day.

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National Doctors Day Slogans

For dedication to these legend professionals i.e. the National Doctors’ day many slogans have been created by various writers or authors in their books and creative segments. Some of them are as follows –

  • “A good doctor gives long advice instead of a long prescription.”
  • “Diagnosis of the disease is not the end but the beginning of practice.”
  • “A person cannot be a doctor, who is himself sick.”
  • “You should never lie to your doctor, do not hide anything related to your illness from your doctor.”
  • “There are only doctors in the world that a man looks at with hope as if he is praying to a god.”

Doctor’s Day of 2021 is very special

We all know that the outbreak of Covid19 in India started in 2020, at that time all the citizens of India were in their homes but doctors, nurses, and sweepers were doing their work even during that period.  In such a situation, the Doctors Day of 2021 is going to be very special for the doctors who have done so much for us by putting their lives at risk.  We hope that the government is going to do a lot for the doctors.