World UFO Day

World UFO Day

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“In this universe, two possibilities either we are alone in the whole universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying”

The 2nd July has been marked as the World’s UFO day in the calendars for raising awareness regarding the Unidentified Flying Objects. 2nd July, a day dedicated to the universe and the UFOs, which was first celebrated in the year 2001 by Haktan Akdogan, the researcher of UFOs. On this day, people move out to party and spend time with their partners or family members by watching the UFOs floating in the sky.

What are UFOs?

The term Unidentified Flying Objects are abbreviated as UFOs, popularly known as anomalies which are either unidentified or identified. In short, UFOs are the apparent objects floating in the sky that is unidentified just the way other objects or phenomena are known in the sky.

History and Importance of World UFO day

The UFO day on 2nd July is generally celebrated as awareness program regarding the ‘the existence of UFOs and with that intelligent being from outer space’ that eradicates the possibility of being alone in this vast universe. The aim is an encouragement for the Government to declassify files having the unclear thoughts associated with UFO sightings. In addition to this, the people show their immense interest for the day by sharing their messages for welcoming the UFOs to the earth.

What’s special about the day?

The people having craze of UFO and have believe that UFO really exists gathers altogether at a place known for the UFO hotspots like Roswell, New Mexico, and many more. The UFO lovers share their stories with the gathering and recite in an exciting manner to make the other person get indulged into their stories and believe them too.

While, some of the people prefer to organize a group party keeping the theme of UFO dress up or Alien get up, and on the other some love to watch out movies having the theme of extraterritorial life.

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