World’s Sport Journalism Day

World’s Sport Journalism Day

“Journalism can never be silent: that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault”

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2nd July, a remarkable day that is celebrated as the World’s Sports Journalism day as a symbol of love and dedication towards the Sports journalism who have been working hard to deliver the sports news or the updates about the millions of sporting fields to the sports fan residing at different corners of the world. It is the sports journalism that makes a sports lover to feel the match by receiving its updates, opinions by the other sports lover, reviews about their favorite sports person and the team, and so on details.

History and Significance:

The World’s Sports Journalism is observed as the auspicious day to celebrate the services being offered by the sports journalists and their complete dedication in promotional activities associated with the well-being of sports. This day has been celebrated throughout the world since the ISPA i.e. International Sports Press Association has been established.

The World’s Sport Journalism day is celebrated to encourage the staff members offering their services to the sports media and to attain further excellence to their profession. The entire sports journalists are responsible towards their work of adding immense value to their sports journalism work along with cultural heritage, dissemination, peace celebration, and sportsmanship spirit at the global level.

The sports journalists are enough to drive the complete promotion of the sports world as a vehicle for global peace to make the world a better place to reside into.

Objective of World’s Sports Journalism Day:

The date of 2nd July is marked as World’s Sports Journalism Day as the symbol of dedication or contribution given by the sports journalists in spreading the sports updates to the whole world, and also a remarkable journey or anniversary of the ISPA i.e. International Sports Press Association.

How the day is celebrated?

The top renowned and famous sports person from different sports background from the different corners of the world come and shares their support experience that these sports journalists have provided to them during their career or professional growth to attain a good height.

Even to make the day, a special recently ‘Harbhajan Turbanator’ has shared a tweet his wishes to the sports media through his words as follows:

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“On World Sports Journalists Day, I salute the wonderful fraternity of Sports Writers who bring our stories to u all with such passion. I am grateful 2 all th sports journalists who have played an important role in my cricket journey. We owe a huge part of our sporting life to them.”