Can you imagine that if you are asked to study only 40% of the syllabus and still complete the whole syllabus, will you believe it. Of course never, till the time you would have seen this video on a revolutionary aspect of condensing the syllabus without leaving any topic and still completing the syllabus. This video explores a new paradigm in the form of cluster approach which is introduced to make Geography Optional preparation super easy and adaptable. Learn how to condense the syllabus. Learn how to combine many topics into one. Learn how to identify similarities and repetitions. Learn how to use cross insights of one chapter in another chapter. Learn how new type of questions are asked. In Geography optional there are many areas where information of various sections of the syllabus can be clubbed together resulting in better preparation in lesser time. The cluster approach provides a better insight to the students. The discussion breaks the myth that Geography Optional syllabus of UPSC is very lengthy. This is the SMARTEST POSSIBLE WAY TO prepare geography.

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